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a) The student can print and bind the material if he/she wants, at his/her own expense.

b) The student must have 80% of attendance and 80% of the homework delivered in order to advance in the book.

c) The student must obtain a grade equal to or greater than 6.0 in the written and oral tests in order to advance in the course.

d) The student must understand that the learning of the language does not happen exclusively in the classroom, and that such learning will be highly stimulated when carrying out the activities proposed by the teacher. The student must commit to following these instructions for activities outside the classroom.

e) The contract must be completed and signed by the student before his/her first class (the demo class does not count). The first payment (entry) must be made before your first class, and the other payments must be made by the 5th of the following months. In case of payment delay of more than 3 working days, classes will be suspended without prior notice.

f) If the payment exceeds the deadline, the student will lose the punctuality discount (which currently corresponds to 10% of your monthly fee). Make sure you don’t miss out on your discount!

g) Payments can be made in 2 ways: I. by bank transfer to a JFM Idiomas account; II. by credit card through the current application used by the school, with interest and fees paid by the student.

h) Classes will take place by videoconference, using free apps according to the teacher’s and student’s preference.

i) If necessary, classes can be taught by any partner teacher of JFM Idiomas, without prior notice of teacher change.

j) In case of withdraw from the course within the first 60 calendar days of your registration, a fee of USD 50.00 must be paid. The withdrawal fee is only applied to the first contract. In the second renewal, the student is exempt from it and can withdraw at any time without paying any fees.

k) Rescheduled classes must be taken within a maximum period of 30 calendar days. After that, classes will be lost. Do it as soon as possible. Do not leave it for later!

l) Everything related to the class, such as application, schedule, rescheduling, etc. must be discussed directly with the teacher, including rescheduled classes. Remembering that it is the student’s responsibility and interest to seek his/her teacher to reschedule the class that was missed. If there is any type of difficulty that cannot be resolved directly with the teacher, please contact the JFM Idiomas administrative team so that we can solve your problem as soon as possible.

m) For changes in your current package of classes, the JFM Idiomas administrative team must be contacted, so that the solution of greater excellence to your needs and profile is offered.

n) The adjustment in the monthly fee may occur based on inflation.

o) If the student regrets the course, he has 7 calendar days to cancel without paying any fees, discounting only the classes that were taken, considering the value of single classes.

p) The contract will be automatically renewed at the beginning of the following semester if the student does not manifest in writing before the last day of its term.

q) Classes in groups are not entitled to free individual reschedulings of classes.

r) If the student misses a class, he must reschedule this class, so that he can follow it normally in the following classes and does not impact the progress of the group.

s) The rescheduled class value is based on the SINGLE CLASSES item in the current JFM table of values, and students participating in groups receive a 50% discount on it.

t) In 2023, we will not have classes from December 24 to January 2, when we will be on recess. On the 23rd there are still classes, on the 2nd there will be classes again. These classes will not be rescheduled.

u) Students who live abroad: it is your responsibility to notify the coordination and the teacher about the change in winter and summer schedules. We have students from many countries and we cannot monitor everything.

v) All students are invited to join our school WhatsApp group to stay informed about promotions, events, live classes on the internet (lives), and news in general from JFM English. To participate, click here (or access the address): 



w) The weekly hour load of classes will be subject to the number of students. In this way, it is defined:

x) The hour load is reduced so that it is not necessary to change the amount charged to the student.

y) In cases of reaching the minimum number of students, if the student wishes to terminate the contract, the termination fee will not be charged, being free of any fee for his decision not to continue.

z) The student can also migrate to the private course at any time, without paying any termination fees.


aa) The student who takes 1 hour of class a week will be entitled to 2 regular and 1 unforeseen rescheduling throughout the semester. This amount of reschedulings will be adjusted proportionally to the number of hours the student takes during the week.

bb) If the student cannot attend the class, he/she must give a notice at least 24 hours before their class in order to be entitled to the regular reescheduling.

cc) Unforeseen rescheduling can be notified less than 24 hours in advance. If the student does not notify or notify the teacher after the time, the class will be registered and there will be no right to reschedule it.

dd) There will be a tolerance of 15 minutes late for classes. After this, the teacher will no longer be available in the videoconference room.


ee) The course may be suspended for up to 30 days. However, the 30 calendar day period for regularizing replacements remains valid, that is, it does not extend. We strongly recommend that the suspension be notified as far in advance as possible, so that we can plan a schedule and the student does not miss classes unnecessarily.

ff) The suspension or cancellation will be effective from the date of communication to the administrative team (it is not enough to just communicate to the teacher). Therefore, the student must pay off all debts relating to classes planned so far. It is very important that it is clear that the student pays for the teacher’s availability, and not just for the classes that were actually taken. As we work with exclusive and individualized service, when the teachers reserve a time in their schedule for a student, that time is blocked, making it impossible for the teachers to take other students at this time.

gg) The student will be entitled to take all planned classes for which they have paid. Remembering that classes expire in 30 days and the rescheduling limit must be respected. 

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