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Como reclamar da sua conexão com a internet em inglês

If you are not happy with the speed or reliability of your internet connection, then we have a list of things you can do before calling your internet provider.

  • Restart your modem and router.

  • Test your internet connection on other devices.

  • Test both your wired and wireless internet connection.

  • Collect a history of your speed test results to share with the provider.

Nothing helped? Ok, let’s practice so that it gets really easy for you to solve issues like this in the future!

Now, let’s answer some commonly asked questions (click on them for suggestions):

– Yes, I have.
– Yes, I did it ten minutes ago.

– Yes, I have.
– Yes, I did it one hour ago.

– Hum, it started last Monday.

– Yes, I have.

– No, I haven’t.

There are four lights.
The first one is green.
The second one is orange.
The third one is green.
The fourth one is green.

The first, third and fourth are standing still.

The second one is blinking.

radio, optical fiber, satellite, etc
– I have the optical fiber plan.
– I have the 600 mbps plan.

– I have just tested and it is downloading at… xxx kbps / mbps
– and uploading at … kbps / mbps

– Ok! It works now.
– Sorry, it still doesn’t work…

Do you think he can make it before three p.m.? I leave for work around this time.


  • Teacher, you will be the internet provider attendant.

  • Student, you will be a client who cannot surf the web on your laptop.


Let’s get started!


STUDENT: – Hello. I would like to report a problem. My internet connection is really bad…

TEACHER: – Hi sir! Thanks for calling. My name is _____ and I will help you get it working ASAP. Can you provide more details, please?


Continue the situation.

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